Thabo Seneke

Admission to Society of Advocates: 2005


BSocSci, LLB (Natal, Durban)

Areas of Practice: Contracts, Contractual, General civil litigation, General corporate commercial litigation, Insolvency

Cel: 082 652 8344 Tel: 011 263 8900


Donald Seneke, born on 5 April 1969. I grew up in Tzaneen, Limpopo
Province. I started my primary school in 1975 at Xibodze Lower
Primary School.

1977, I proceeded to Semana Combined Primary School and completed my
primary school education in 1982. I then proceeded to do my High
School education at Bokgaga High School, where I matriculated in
1987. In 1988, I worked as a temporary teacher for a period of 6
months at a local high school known as Molabosane High School.

1989 I enrolled for a Bachelor of Social Science Degree at the
University of Cape Town (UCT). I completed my bachelor of Social
Science Degree in 1991. In 1992 I enrolled for a Bachelor of Laws
Degree (LLB) at the University of Natal, Durban Campus. I completed
my Law Degree in 1994.

then proceeded to Garlicke and Bousfeld Attorneys to serve my
articles of clerkship for a period of two years. I completed my
articles in 1997 and was admitted as an attorney of the High Court in
March 1997 at the Natal Provincial Division in Pietermaritzburg. I
was thereafter employed as a Professional Assistant (what is known as
an associate today) at Mathe and Zondo Incorporated in Durban until
March 1998. I practiced mainly in the area of Commercial Law, Labour
Law, and Criminal Law. In March 1998 I became employed as a Legal
Advisor at the Department of Land Affairs, in Pretoria. My
responsibilities as a legal advisor entailed advising official on
issues related to restitution of land rights.

2004, I commenced pupilage at the Johannesburg Bar. In 2005 I
commenced my practice as an Advocate of the Johannesburg Bar. My
practice is mainly based on Restitution of Land Rights to people who
have been dispossessed of their land rights as a result of
discriminatory laws or racial practices prior to the advent of the
current Constitutional Dispensation. I also practice in the area of
Land Tenure (defending predominantly labour tenants who are evicted
from their residential places. I also defend occupiers whose tenure
is not secure as a result of the past legal dispensation which
discriminated against black people and their land tenure.

have also done cases in the area of family law, general commercial
work, pension law, labour law, general delicts. I am a rounded
practitioner who is able to practice law in different spheres. I have
however decided to steer away from practicing criminal law and road
accident fund work. I am currently a member of the Bridge Group of
Advocates since I commenced practice in 2005.

Thabo Seneke

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