Nathan Segal

Admission to Society of Advocates: 1979


BA LLB (Wits), LLM (London)

Areas of Practice: Contracts, Corporate, Insolvency, Landlord and Tenant

Cel: 082-355-3181 Tel: 011-263-8900


Prior to joining the Bar, Nathen served articles at Moss-Morris Attorneys followed by two years practice as a partner in the practice.

His practice is centered around commercial litigation, in trials, applications, drafting affidavits and opinions.  He has experience in all areas of commercial litigation and arbitration, including contracts, corporations, insolvency, succession, landlord and tenant, and related matters.

Nathan is also admitted as an advocate in Lesotho and Namibia.  Has appeared in most Superior Courts in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia.

Recent / Major Cases:

General Accident Insurance Company SA Limited v Dancor Holdings (Pty) Limited 1981 (4) SA 968 (A). (I was junior to R. Selvan SC;  the matter related to suretyships.)

Lieb & Another NNO v I. Kuper & Co (Pty) Limited 1982 (3) SA 708 (T) (Effective cause by an estate agent).

Cinemark (Pty) Limited v Transkei Hotel 1984 (2) SA 332 (W).  (This relates to jurisdiction.)

Metro Western Cape (Pty) Limited v Ross 1986 (3) SA 181 (A).   (This relates to the enforcement by an unlicensed vendor of a sale by it.

Fraind v Nothman 1991 (3) SA 837 (W) (Fugitive from justice).

Moatlohodi v Tembisa City Council & Others 1991 (4) SA 634 (W) (Procedure of Local Authority).

Mngoma & Others v Mayor of Katlehong City Council & Another 1992 (3) SA 226 (W) (Local authority – audi alteram partem Rule).

Wilson-Bayly Homes (Pty) Limited v Maeyane & Others 1995 (4) SA 340 (T) (Mistake relating to compromise).

Absa Bank Limited v Boksburg Transitional Local Council (Government of the Republic of South Africa, third party) 1997 (2) SA 415 (W) (Joinder of third party).

Bank of Lisbon International Limited v Western Province Cellars Limited & Another 1998 (3) SA 899 (W).  (This concerned the interpretation of section 34 of the Insolvency Act on appeal before a Full Bench.)

Beinash & Co v Nathan (Standard Bank of South Africa Limited Intervening) 1998 (3) SA 540 (W) (friendly sequestration).

Absa v Boksburg Council 1997 (2) SA 415 (W) (Joinder of third party).

B. Kaplan Estates (Pty) Limited v Eastern Metropolitan Substructure 1999 (2) SA 1017 (W).  (This was an appeal to the Full Bench against the grant of summary judgment in the Magistrates’ Court.)

Wolpe v Hyde 2000 CLR 561 (W).  (This was an appeal to the Full Bench from a decision of a single Judge relating to the question of refundability of a deposit.)

Paltex Dyehouse (Pty) Limited & Another v Union Spinning Mills (Pty) Limited 2000 (4) SA 837 (BHC).  (The matter concerns the applicability of standard terms of contract.)

Eden & Another v Pienaar 2001 (1) SA 159 (W).  (This was an appeal to the Full Bench relating to the enforcement of a foreign judgment.)

Union Spinning Mills (Pty) Limited v Paltex Dyehouse (Pty) Limited & Another 2002 (4) SA 408 (SCA). (An appeal from the decision in No 14 above.

Damane v Premier of Mpumalanga & Others 2002 (2) SA 762 (T) (Labour Law – dismissal).  The decision was upheld on appeal to the Full Court of the Transvaal Provincial Division.

Special Investigating Unit v Kim Diamonds (Pty) Limited 2004 (2) SA 173 (Spec Trib) (Powers of Provincial Government).

Taylor v Kurtstag NO & Others 2005 (1) SA 362 (W) (the right of a religious tribunal to excommunicate a member).

Estate Agency Affairs Board v Azevedo 2007 (2) SA (W) (Claim against fidelity fund).

Published Articles:

Waiver of a Life Interest 1979 De Rebus 257

The Enforcement of an Agreement to Grant a Get or Jewish Ecclesiastical Bill of Divorce 1988 (105) SA Law Journal 97

Footnotes to Provisional Sentence 2003 (12) SA Law Journal 258

Any Cure for the Body Corporate Blues? 2004 (13) SA Law Journal 552

The German Zulu:  A Love Story 2009 De Rebus

Nathan Segal

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