Erin Richards

Admission to Society of Advocates: 2016



Areas of Practice: Administrative reviews, Civil litigation, Commercial, Constitutional, Corporate, Labour

Cel: 074-302-6267 Tel: 011-263-8900


Background: Erin indulged in a multitude of endeavours, businesses, and frolics prior to joining the Bar. If you are desirous of further details, you can request them.

What to expect: She is somewhat unconventional, eccentric and intellectually peripatetic. She is direct, and fully transparent with her clients, and expects reciprocity in this respect. She is incredibly detail-oriented, both in respect to factual matrixes and legal argument. Interaction with intellectually curious, and interesting clients, or exposure to legal quagmires draws out the polemicist in her – as a result, consultations frequently run over the allotted hour. 

Approach to the law: Practicing under a Constitutional dispensation, where the Law is more accessible and visible to the people, and increasingly revered, it Erin’s view that legal practitioners should, in their legal laboratories, accept and harness the political and social agency that has been granted to them. In so doing, they are obliged to think and work creatively to progress and protect society. To this end, it is her aim to remain intellectually provocative in her attitude toward the Law both on and off brief. Her primary areas of practice are Labour law, administrative and Constitutional law, and commercial disputes. 

Outside of the Law she can be found painting, writing or reading at her studio in the Johannesburg CBD. 

Erin Richards

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